30 Minute Live Q & A Session with Shakka-Ahmose

You've watched countless of my videos, interviews and debates throughout the years and now you have questions that need answers, good, solid, verifiable, well researched, documented answers, specifically about Ancient Egypt, the Bible (as well as their true relationship to one another), Black history, and many other obscure but related topics.

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My 30-minute live Q & A Sessions are specifically designed to provide answers to topics that are not often, or easily addressed on mass media platforms; topics and subject matters poorly addressed on oversaturated Youtube channels, leaving you still wondering, still not knowing just exactly what it is you want to know...  but life puts demands on your time, your job, your family, your side hustle, school etc., the list doesn't stop.

So you don't have time, or perhaps, you just don't know where to look, or you may not have the consistent resources to study (with me) on a regular basis, after all, good times and bad times come and go for us all, so THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY to engage with me, Shakka-Ahmose, 1 on 1, LIVE ("on the Zoom platform) where LIVE, for 30 STRAIGHT MINUTES you can directly receive accurate answers to questions you've been struggling and grappling with, in your own limited research efforts.

For what amounts to LESS THAN $2.00 per minute, for 30 VALUABLE MINUTES ( LIVE ! ), allow me to guide you through a dynamic past, a past waiting for you to discover it, and perhaps for it to be put to use in your service; if you were as well acquainted with the past as I am, you'd know that it's 'past possible' to do so (smile); the past is forever linked to the present, and from them both, the future is born, AND THIS is why it's PARAMOUNT that the answers you're furnished with, be the best possible answers available; you owe yourself that much, and no one's going to give it to you but you, and you do that by BOOKING A 30 MIN. Q & A SESSION with someone with the requisite knowledge... myself, SHAKKA-AHMOSE.

Get your answers and move forward, past the questions that have been obstructing your view and your path.

The 30 minute 'Q & A' sessions are designed to offer a *general outlook on specific information and knowledge, attainable by virtue of my unique and extensive historical insight.

The session is designed to 'clear your vision' as it relates to these related subject matters, by virtue of introducing you to solid facts, referencing the best literature and by exposing you to the best sources (and resources) one can possibly access, and they are virtually inexhaustible, just mostly... unknown to the masses.

As a result of your live, 30 minute Q & A session with me,  your own research and study will most likely, vastly (and rapidly) improve, and advance to a level you may not have anticipated or expected. T

here's more to learn, than time in life to learn it, so learn what you can, now, from someone proven and considered to be, in a class by himself, and for 30 minutes, you can be there with me... LIVE!