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If you want to have a live presentation by Shakka Ahmose, please read all the details associated with booking him and then complete the booking form located below.

Speaking Fee: Each booking includes a PowerPoint presentation that covers two (2) hours of material. After the conclusion of the presentation the audience will have the opportunity to participate in a question and answer session that will last for up to one (1) hour. The rate for speaking, presenting the PowerPoint, and having the question/answer session is $500 USD.

Transportation: Within the modern era, there are various modes of transportation that people can use which includes automobiles, trains, airplanes, boat, buses, etc. If Shakka Ahmose is being booked for local events (25 miles or less from the 10026 US zip code), then the expense for taxi fees to the event must be covered a minimum of 72 hours prior to the start of the event. If Shakka Ahmose is being booked for events over 25 miles from the 10026 US zip code., then the round trip expense for transportation by train and/or bus must be covered a minimum of 72 hours prior to the start of the event. All transportation information or copies of electronic tickets must also be email to Shakka Ahmose for his reference.

Lodging: While it is appreciated when local homes are opened up to accommodate Shakka Ahmose, maintaining an environment that is conducive to intense study, review, and practice is vital to preparing for a live power packed presentation. For that reason, event planners that book him must arrange for private lodging provided by reputable establishments if the event is over 50 miles from the 10026 US zip code.

Meal Compensation: In order to deliver the high level of scholarship, a specific dietary intake must be upheld. The rate to cover the expense of breakfast, lunch, and dinner is $50 USD per day booked.

Meet & Greet (optional): This optional session can be arranged at the event organizer's discretion. This session is normally scheduled to occur a minimum of three (3) hours prior to the main presentation, and last for a total of one (1) hour. During this session, attendees can get their CODEX: Game Over book signed, a picture taken with Shakka Ahmose, and the opportunity to directly ask him any questions. The rate for this optional meet & greet is $150 USD.

PowerPoint Presentation Copy (optional): All presentations are accompanied by a full PowerPoint that includes primary sources, book titles, images, and complimentary text. All attendees to the event that Shakka Ahmose is booked for have the option to receive an original copy of his PowerPoint lecture by ordering it through his learning platform. Although the rate for the original PowerPoint will vary depending on the topic, the exact rate will be listed on the learning platform.

Payments: All payments for the speaking fee, meal compensation, and the optional meat & greet session will only be taken via PayPal by sending funds via the friends/family option. All transactions must be completed a minimum of 72 hours prior to the start of the event.

Refunds: Refunds for canceled events due to severe weather, terrorist scare, event planning issue, etc will be granted for the speaking fee, meal compensation, and/or the optional meet & greet; however, there will be a 50% charge applied. For example, if the event planner decides to cancel a booking with Shakka Ahmose then he/she will receive $275 which is 50% of the $550 paid directly via PayPal for the speaking fee and meal compensation.

Please Note:

  • All events that Shakka Ahmose is booked for must have adequate security.
  • After completing the booking form below, an email will be sent with the PayPal details and to confirm the booking details.



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