Shakka-Ahmose is a well sought after research specialists who is deeply engaged in the structural restoration of classical African history. His erudite (scholarly) approach has garnered him a worldwide following. Since the demand for his presentations are prolific and his availability limited, this platform (along with www.ShakkaAhmoseUniverisity.com) have been created to facilitate a learning experience guaranteed to take your own personal education to the next level.

ShakkaAhmose.com is first and foremost an individual 'think tank' serving as a cutting-edge platform that provides maximum exposure for all things Shakka-Ahmose. Get his unique worldview concerning world affairs, both historical and current as well as future events; educational discourses, exchanges and mediums are to be found on ShakkaAhmose.com as well (presentations, home study courses, publications).

The platform also features artistic expressions from Shakka Ahmose for viewers to both experience and purchase. If you desire to showcase your Nile Valley connection in your daily fashions check out the waskets, khats, and the unique 'NVM/Black Brainstorm Neck-Plate T-shirts' located on the site (coming real soon!). Check out the latest songs and see the most cinematic Nile Valley Movement (*NVM) music videos and productions conceptualized, produced and directed by Shakka-Ahmose; PowerPoints, lectures, speeches, interviews, commentary and much, much more! Don't miss out!

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