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For the last 200+ years, there has been a frontal lobotomy done on Africans and their descendants here in the Americas. The time has come to FINALLY fill in the missing pieces.

Attendees of the Shakka Ahmose Speaks traveling lecture will dive deep into various topics that include:

  • Thinking Inheritances
  • Decoding Historical Illusions
  • Frameworks for Progress
  • A dichotomy of the 19th Century
  • Slavery Education Deficits
  • Enslavement in Ancient Egypt
  • The Weaponization of Classics



The Wait Is Over!

I have received several emails, messages, and comments on social media about where I have been and inquiries about when I am going to give another lecture. The truth is that I am very much alive and well! Over the last several months I have been deep in studies working on my latest course entitled Black Masters & White Slaves.

There is not a year that goes by that we are not reminded that Blacks were enslaved by whites; however, America never wants to have the conversation about when things were the other way around.

That is exactly why I created the lecture course which exposes the truth and provides documented evidence of the enslavement of ancient whites by ancient black Egyptians: This is more than a lecture because I provide you with 10 hours of material, study questions, and links to external supplemental information that facilitates a learning experience guaranteed to take your own personal education to the next level.

Facebook LIVE Preview: 

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Group & Private Classes Coming Soon..


How will the classes be structured?

  • 1-4 Students
  • Weekly classes spanning 4 consecutive weeks per session.
  • Saturday meetings from 2:00 PM Est – 5:00 PM Est or 6:00 PM Est – 9:00 PM EST
  • Students located in the area New York and surrounding areas have the option to attend in person, and students located outside of that zone are welcomed to video conference. Video conferencing can be done using Skype or Google Hangout only.


What will students receive?

  • Intimate knowledge about various subject matters which includes religion, history, psychology, and science. Although these topics will be the foundation of a well-rounded instruction, they will not be the only topics that are expounded upon.
  • Assignments to prepare students for group discussion and reflective analysis.
  • A signed copy of Codex Game Over: A Documented Collation of the Original Ancient Egyptian (African) Text and the Later Biblical Plagiarized Versions Evidence You Were Never Meant To See (Volume 1)

At The Center Of The Storm

Among Dr Ben’s Final Interviews, A Special One With Shakka-Ahmose (Coming Soon)

Among Dr Ben’s Final Interviews, A Special One With Shakka-Ahmose (Coming Soon)